Our mission is simply to help bring motoring joy to enthusiasts at high-value pricing.


Interesting and exciting products

We specialize in sports and luxury cars and motorcycles. Though our network of dealers and auction outlets, we select specific models that we think will appeal to our customers and facilitate motoring joy. We love them and we want you to, too. We offer a full range of tested, quality, high-value scootering accessories from the best suppliers.

Repair and maintenance service

We offer repair and maintenance service because machines need maintenance and repair. In order to maintain the quality of the vehicles that we sell, we have to be qualified to inspect, repair, and service the types of cars and bikes that we sell. We have the proper tools - including computer diagnostics, experience, and resources to provide your car or bike with quality service and good advice. You'll probably find us to be significantly less expensive and easier to communicate with than most dealers. We even have loaner cars available.


Our best customers are "motorheads". Our ideal customer appeciates the sensation that owning and driving a special car or riding the ideal bike can bring.

High-value pricing

We're not trying to be the cheapest, but we are trying to offer ideal value. We look for the best cars of their type that we can find (which generally cost more than average cars). We inspect, repair, and service our cars as needed (which costs money, too). We have very proficient technicians, good tools, and business practices that you'll appreciate. All that adds to the value of buying or servicing your car with us, and we're pretty sure you'll find doing business with us to be a "win / win" exchange.